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Originally Posted by 504Life View Post
Like my Pops told me when I was 10 years old. You ride with your brains not your brakes. Some play it safe, some don't, some ride choppers.....some don't.

My Pops
Vagabonds MC. 1969 Oakland Ca. The real deal.
My granddad's speech was " ride like you got no brakes , If you have to panic stop you actually screwed up about a hundred yards before that " !

Another gem was " They aint but two kinds of people out there driving cars , Them that caint see you 'cause they aint looking and them that see you and will try to kill you ! The way to tell the difference is if the bugger is looking right at you he is taking aim !! "

My favorite though was " Unlike a good woman , A motorcycle aint no fun at all if it ends up on top during the ride !"
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