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Well.....It's done. Here's some pics for ya".

New bungs. Don't mind the pinhole, fixed it. It took an HD pic for me to spot it.

Lower legs. We shaved them down at the shop. a buddy of mine is an aluminum/ SS steel sculpturerer that has a mega polisher gizmo

Switched out the wide glide for an 03 sporty front end....2 under. New 60 spoke 21" front rim w/speedmaster.....of course.

Just sitting on the bike my knee kept hitting the air cleaner.

After base coat and the first coat of clear (first time painter... go easy on me).

1.5 BDL and new clutch goodies. Moved the forward back to mids.

Seat pan.... 1/8" aluminum

This sit on the tube right above the oil tank

And the end result.

Oh yeah, 80 spoke 3X16 back with Avon MK2

There's a bunch of little nitty gritty stuff like the exhaust brackets, oil lines out of the tank, wiring and what not. This alone is enough typing to last me a few months.
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