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Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
Looks like a nice build so far. Wondering how you'll be able to get LSR gearing with a driveshaft? Keep up the good work.
I have two rear drives,the one on the bike is a 4.7 and the other is 4.12. I Guzzi makes about 5 different ratios and the whole drive can be changed in half hour with two wrenches. 5 speed big Guzzi's have an overdrive high gear so the overall ratios are 4.3 and 3.85. A well tuned stock 1000 engine like this will turn 7500 rpm,That's a realistic 125 mph with 4.3 overall gear.The other gears are for when the engine is built and can pull 8000 rpm at 155 mph,maybe
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