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Originally Posted by magnum45pete View Post
I personaly think there is a Family conection between Guzzi and Injun so why not have it here.....The Indian 841 was only ever used in Italy during the end of WW2 then a few years later Guzzi came out with their bike.....bit more than a coincident I reckon!!!........

Maybe not ,the is a guote from the man who designed the V twin Guzzi engine, same guy who designed the famous Guzzi V8 Grand Prix bike engine,Giulio Carcano. This is him telling the history ;

GCC: it’s an old story. As you know, because now it’s common knowledge, the corps of cuirassiers (note: the special Guard of the President of Italy) needed a new official motorbike because the Falcone they had, looked very poor. A colonel commander of cuirassiers said to me “you know we choose our horses in Normandy because it’s bad for the men and for the horses to see a two meters tall man riding a little horse... We need a bike that is what those Norman horses are for our rider”. And this was the main starting point. We realised the first V project (note: he referred to the engine and not to the motorbike), a 704 cc. From that project all the complications and the elaboration of the subsequent motorbikes were born.
At that time I also built a V, 500 cc first and then a 600 cc. I put it on a Fiat 500. I remember that it gave me a lot of satisfactions. It was a motor, the 600, giving 36 or 38 HP. Exactly twice the output of the original Fiat engine, giving 18-20 hp.
The car was very brilliant, pleasant and funny; it had a very good acceleration and the maximum speed was almost too much:140 Km/h for such a small car!
Then I built another V, much more a humble project, I'd say; it was assembled for a a military vehicle, the so-called mechanical mule, the 3x3. We did some tests for that purpose.
Eventually, the V model for the bike was the chosen one, because police forces and the Army liked it, and not only the Italian ones but all around the world.
Then it was increased to 750 cc. making it a sport engine, almost a racing engine. In any case, in my view, in spite of several advantages for tourism, police corps and stuff, that engine scheme is not too suitable for a racing motorbike, for several reasons that I do not explain for I fear to become boring..
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