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Default Re: Running a Morris Mag on a T110 Triumph?

A word of caution on an IE for a Pre-unit. Many times the IE's that I have set using the "dot in the hole" method have required the use of a timing gun and an adjustment of the plate. It takes a really really talented guy who can set timing by ear. This strob-o-scope method is easy on later model post '66 Triumphs because of the timing window. Units from 63 to 65 can be retrofitted with the newer primary cover for timing. Pre-units have no provision for timing with a light, no mark on a rotor (except alternator models), etc. You can set one up of course, and you should. You don't wanna be a few degrees off climbing that long hill on a hot day. Its a recipe for a stuck motor or a holed piston.
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