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Originally Posted by chopaweeza View Post
It works very well and will replicate bends easily. I use a high tech method to replicate bends. I mark the hub with a piece of chalk and then bend the next piece to were the chalk mark is. I used a Holden Barina hub which is common as muck here , Blackjack used a Ford Fiesta and I've heard some guys in the USA use Rabbit or Jack Rabbit(memories not so good) hub as well. It's a very flexible design that has at least 12 variants that I know of . It's Low Tech but it works. Here's where to find it.
Barina, AKA: the mighty Geo Metro. Look out for the one in Seattle with grafitti on the back hatch that says "Yeah, I'm driving a Metro... what are you compensating for?"

BTW, if a guy has a 30 ton press, what the hell will he need fat chicks for?

Also, I bought a real cheap dolly, swapped out the pneumatic tires for solid, welded on a chain to retain bottles, a hook for goggles, and added a tube to hold welding rod... DIY welding cart. Sorry, no pics; it's in storage twenty miles away.


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