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Default Re: Harley big twins? WTF is a "little twin'? (novel)

Hey thanks guys I appreciate all the support, opinions and suggestions.

Internet has been spotty lately (I lost my connection for some reason?), so I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like.

*I am rethinking the DNA springer
*I scored a 50's-60's Triumph pre-unit trans
*Not sure what rear wheel to run. I have a Triumph sprung hub, which I would prefer to run, but I'm having fitment issues with it (re: axle isn't quite wide enough,) and am debating trying to get an XS 650 rear wheel instead, but then I'll need a brake-crossover set-up.

****BUT the biggest stumbling block I am having is getting a front pulley made. I've gotten a triumph dry clutch/belt-drive combo, and now I need to find a machine shop capable and willing to mate the two, or I have to drill/tap the old sprocket to the new pulley, or...? Maybe there's another option I'm unaware of? I'm not sure it's steel either (might be aluminum?) so that's been fun.

I need the front sprocket so I can align the transmission and rear wheel.

Any idea's?
I bought an aftermarket pulley, which I think is actually for a big twin, because it sits too low on the output shaft and the tooth count doesn't match up.
So, that was frustrating.
Always sometimes.
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