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Default Harley big twins? WTF is a "little twin'? (novel)

I'm trying to build one. They ain't Sporties. 1969(ish) Servicar flathead w/the Solo intake and a Mikuni carb. Aftermarket "re-pop" frame. Haven't measured it. Do I need to? DNA springer. The ad said it was 2" under but it looks like 3-4 over. Need to learn to shorten a DNA springer I guess. 21" front 1960's hamburger drum, 3/4 axle. I'm using money I should put back into my home, but instead after losing all my possessions in one of those damn trendy California wild fires I'm buying FREEDOM.

So I got out with my newish truck, and clothes I had on. Grandpa's spectacles with my own prescription lenses were in the glovebox.
Later I saw some stranger guy that saved his hot-rodded old-school triumphs (they looked like dirtbikes but I looked hard, it was unit British engines,) and I was so proud and envious of his genius.
Bike's fits in the back of a truck.

I am under 40 years old and have no legal riding experience, never owned a motorcycle license and never really practiced when I had my permit on public land.
I've ridden 3-wheeler ATV's. I rode my Triumph short-chop on public streets and private lands with insurance but no license and received a scar for being so inconsiderate.

It's important to me to learn how to ride on Harley's little twin,
I own all the major parts-

Maybe a Norton or Pre-unit is a better choice?
They're faster.
But... Naw. I want an Indian.
But that ain't happening, so, we go "lil' twin,".
(I'm a smaller man and want the option of pushing my old-school broke down ride home. Tows get expensive. Anyways, Lil twin,).

Maybe pics later.
Always sometimes.

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