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I bought a rear Cheng Shit for my GS 750 long ago and figured out why the local street racers liked them because they were sticky but unfortunately wore just like a pencil eraser, crumbs and all, when rubbed by thumb.

Tire changes (unless you do your own) aren't free and when they are I still don't enjoy doing them though I've plenty of experience and a decent manual Coates tire machine. That Cheng Shit was the last I bought and I've used Avon and Dunlop ever since. They last far longer and are actually cheaper than frequently swapping cheap tires (which I got to do plenty of for customers).

Shinkos are a decent deal. I've installed a few with no complaints from customers and if I build a Dirtster from spare Evo parts I'll use them for that.

My Shovels get Avons or Dunlops. Skip a few beers if you must and buy quality tires, and if you have spoked rims buy quality tubes since tubes rarely fail gracefully and you probably don't want to become a meat crayon!
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