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Default Re: Been busy... with the 68 and trimming!

Originally Posted by TATER View Post

I dont think you ability is in question. Its more about having the time to take on projects for others. Your stuff can lay dormant for eternity if you wish. They start calling after 2 weeks wanting their shit finished.
Yes, the time is a big factor!
I work 8.30 to 5 and I'm a 24/7 single parent to an 8 year old.

Even to work on my stuff I'm often in the garage till midnight and things have to be timed. If I have to cut metal, I do it as soon as we get home so not to make noise late, then after little one is in bed I turn the cameras on and have a monitor in the garage that I can hear her and keep an eye on.
bit of juggling there hahaha

it's been this lockdown time, and we are both at home, albeit i'm still working from home, that has allowed me to get on with loads of jobs, in the garage and in the house.

But anyway, back to time. Big factor. and I think the only way would be to take jobs with no time frame. some people could be up for it - good job, cheaper... but no time frame.
I have a bike seat of a friend that I took on. But my condition was "dont ask me for it in 6 months time, I'll do it whenever I can"
it was one of his spare seats so I know he's not in a hurry, and I want to use as practice but also don't intend to take months on it.
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