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Originally Posted by [JP] View Post

I have many little side jobs and things I can do, problem is I never think they are good enough and wouldn't feel right charging people for it.

On the other hand I see some of the rubbish work, from people considered professionals, charging lots of money and I think "well, I could have done a better job"

I'm not sure how to get around the moral dilemma in my head so if any of the professionals here can give advice... would be great.

Here in lies the issue. The difference between doing poor quality work and having no problem charging for it versus being a "perfectionist" and never quite feeling that something is complete. What we are talking about is confidence.

The first few months of being self employed and starting a contractor business were lean to say the least. But at the end of the year I was able to turn a good profit. I had confidence in my abilities. I dont let things slide and my repeat customers trust me. Yes, I make mistakes sometimes. That can kill the confidence, but I always figure it out and still make money.

I dont think you ability is in question. Its more about having the time to take on projects for others. Your stuff can lay dormant for eternity if you wish. They start calling after 2 weeks wanting their shit finished.
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