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Default Re: Been busy... with the 68 and trimming!

Originally Posted by Thunderbird View Post found yerself a new revenue stream; that up holstery work is spot on likewise with the exhaust brackets, substantial, all running true and unobtrusive.

Indeed! I didn't realise how expensive it can be.I knew it cost a fair bit of money, but had no idea how much.

I asked someone who does it for a living and he said on those seats I made, depending on finishing quality they'd cost about 650 to 1000 just in labour!

I have many little side jobs and things I can do, problem is I never think they are good enough and wouldn't feel right charging people for it. So most of the time I rejected doing stuff for others. I have already been asked to do some seats for a friend but said no.

On the other hand I see some of the rubbish work, from people considered professionals, charging lots of money and I think "well, I could have done a better job"
one good example is TIG. my welds are not perfectly stacked dimmes all the time, sometimes I miss a spot here and there, but some of the stuff I see being sold out there is absolutely shocking...

I'm not sure how to get around the moral dilemma in my head so if any of the professionals here can give advice... would be great.
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