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Default Re: Been busy... with the 68 and trimming!

Originally Posted by richbob View Post
Good job good attitude
I did sewing at school was home help classes or something
Made a tent,fishing rod bags Etc:
Got expelled for stabbing a guy in bum with unpicking tool
Not sure why I did it.
Got a pick of your sewing machine ?
sorry, only photo I had on my phone, can take better one if you want.
It's a Singer 211G, with walking foot and reverse (that's the 2 main things I learned it had to have).
got a bit of a good price on it too as only cost me 200. Only thing I done was swap the clutch motor for a servo motor as its a lot easier to control speed.

Originally Posted by Dutch Dennoz View Post
Symmetry fetish ...+1!!! Nice job on the van as well
I'm glad i'm not the only one!
I cant understand why people just don't take a little bit longer to make things a bit more perfect. for example, one of my pet hates.... upswept exhausts where they are not perfectly running parallel to each other..why?? why not take an extra 5min and shim it or something so it doesn't look like you just bolted it on and not really put 'yourself' to what you are doing.
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