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Default Been busy... with the 68 and trimming!

Hi all,

thought of showing off what I been up to.
the 51 Pan kinda took a tumble to the end of the projects list as we weren't not allowed to ride about in the UK.

Been meaning to do this for ages, getting dual exhausts on the 68 and put hard bags on - that was the plan for this summer so I could return to taking a bike to work, but the bags would allow me to do the school run on the way as could use them to put little one school books and bike gear. or else I'm doomed for commuting in the car all the time. but.. now there's no schools haha and I've been told to be working from home till at least August.

Some photos, because we all like photos.
First thing I realised was the oil lines to the oil filter had to be moved - I run an oil filter at the front. now with the squish pipe I had to move the filter to behind the gearbox.
not ideal as it doesn't get any cold air there, but...better to have a filter than no filter at all.

for the exhaust brackets I used an old sissy bar bent and cut to shape.
Took me ages to get everything done because I like symmetry. I can spot something out from a mile away and to me that's just a sloppy job.

but, that's not all I have been busy. done my other project as well, amongst all others, although not a motorcycle. My 74 econoline seats and door cards.
Decided to give a go at trimming. Bought an industrial sewing machine and here's my first projects. Eventually would like to move to bike seats. king and queen and the like. In my head I reckon will be easier than what I've done the seats.

Instagram - JPINTHEUK

My 76 Shovelhead build -

My 68 Genny Shovel -
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