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Ok, stud is in. Our steps were as followed

1. Clean case hole with Q tips soaked in brake clean.

2. Used a small amount of cotton ripped of of a cotton ball to stuff down to the bottom of the case hole so it sat on top of the fly wheel. Used a pic to continue cleaning the threads. Clean out debris accordingly.

3. Slowly ran a tap through the hole to really clean up the threads. (They came out very nicely).

3. Used a long pic to remove the cotton I stuffed down the hole (which caught little junk that came out of the threads)

4. Once again, used q-tips to soak and clean up anything else left on the threads.

5. Duct taped a straw to a shop vac end, and used that to suck out any left over debris as well from inside the hole. (Maybe over kill but who knows). Worked nicely.

6. Cleaned up the stud that was pulled out, used red loctite, and sunk it back in to the depth that was needed. Letting it sit for 24 hours before assembling the jugs, heads, etc.

Thank you for all the advice. I used all that I had and am very confident in the repair.
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