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Originally Posted by chopaweeza View Post
Tubing Bender. Design by Blackjack. Adapted to take a locally produced hatchback hub. I've built several frames with it so far and recommend it highly

Easy enough to use that even Neo Dutch had a go.

Back from the dead.

Thank the man for Google. I searched this site for a while and didn't find this thread. Google brought it up though. But only if you spell it "home made" instead or "homemade" pipe bender. Weird.

Anyway, I made one of these for making bicycle frames tonight. I used square tube I had, a round pipe, a drum brake shoe (for the die) from an old car, and some pieces of metal from the scrap. The die looks a little rough, but it bent a 1" thickwall pipe with eeeeeeeease. And trust me, mine looked rougher than this one. Took me 3 hours without any plans.

If I build one frame, it will still pay for itself!

Thanks for posting this. I'll post pics of mine tomorrow.
"If you need a tool and don't buy it you'll soon find you've paid for it and don't have it" Henry Ford
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