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Awright, I'll play.
Not because I'm any good at this, but I thought this was kinda funny:
So, I'm taking apart my '47 WL motor & I get to the lifter blocks. I know enough not to use a screw driver to try to pry 'em out, & all my hammers were out getting calibrated, so I was stuck. I puzzled for a while & came up with this nifty little tool to pull 'em out. Worked like a dream! I was pretty proud of myself - I got 'em out cleanly & didn't even wreck anything expensive!
Imagine my chagrin a few days later when I'm paging through the catalog of a commonly known supplier of vintage H-D stuff & there right before my eyes was a tool exactly like the one I made! Well, OK, the one in the catalog was much nicer than mine & prolly worked much better, but imagine the surprise I felt to see that someone else had thought of this already!
Ah, well, I thought it was kinda funny, me thinkin I was so clever & all...
Speaking of being clever, let's see if I'm clever enough to post a pic...
Hmm, apparently I'm clever enough to attach a pic, but not clever enough to resize it down from ginormous. My apologies, I'll work on that.

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