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Originally Posted by Ratso View Post
Maybe I am wrong and should be shot for it, but a quick reread doesn't show me that your mention of the (characteristicall, I guess?) horrible front brake went anywhere in terms of attracting advice. Here I am to save the day.

You probly don't need me to tell you that on a bike with two functional brakes, the front handles, like, 85% of the stopping. A good back brake is only as effective as traction allows. You can lock up your hind wheel easy, but then it'll just skate along helplessly. (I'm overstating this, but not by much.) Rear-to-front redistribution of the bike's weight takes place when it slows down abruptly, by whatever means (engine braking, back brake, t-boning a school bus). If you're using a front brake, that weight transfer is good; using the back brake, it makes matters worse.

If your bike was mine, which, I should be so lucky, I'd fix the rear brake enough so it doesn't break when used; but I'd put my effort and money into a real good, or even a pretty good, front disc.

I know a disc is an anachronism on a Pan, and yeah there are aesthetic arguments for running a spool front or an incompetent period-correct front brake, but you're already talking about running a disc, so why not put it where it'll help you the most?

End of sermon.
Hear all of this, but a disk up front is the most detrimental to a classic look imo. It would also add a large unsightly reservoir to my handlebars that I would have to stare at all ride every ride. I have however, considered the Cannonball springer drums that are hydraulic. But I couldnt get myself past the control. A disk on the rear, while not aesthetically ideal, is still more forgivable.

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