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Thing is, most guys here seem to use Photobucket, and some who use Imageshack post huge pics that require scrolling the screen sideways.

Here are my tips for Photobucket

************************************************** ***********

Get a free pic account at , if you dont already. Then you can upload your pics into it.

Note in the "upload" area there's a blue link that say "more options" click and it pre-sets an image-sizer.

800 x 600' is best for full-size pics here.

Then, "Save" and you are ready to post.

From your main album page, for the pic you want to post, you want to select the link "IMG Code" it, on mine it turns blue, then I right-click/"copy", and right-click/"paste" it, directly into your post message.

Dont use the little picture icons, just put it into the message so it looks like [IMG] http: at the beginning & .jpg [/IMG] at the end (but with no spaces).

Be sure and hit "enter" between your text and the pic, and between pics. And use the "preview" button.

Good luck.


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