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CHOPPERJIM 07-30-2008 12:12 AM

Re: The Jockey Journal: Direction & Changes

I hope you don't mind me dropping a little bit of information on the Denvers Choppers. The only CB750 on these is the engine & rear hub. The frame is all American, built by Denver Mullins & the artisans @ DENVERS CHOPPERS. Thank you for the support. Any other information can be had on that thread. ChopperJim.

jq49pan 07-30-2008 12:29 AM

Re: The Jockey Journal: Direction & Changes

right on!

=JL= 07-30-2008 12:37 AM

Re: The Jockey Journal: Direction & Changes

Some people here are complaining as if they had been banned from the Jockey Journal. Neither of my bikes are JJ-style, both being fairly stock, consequently I feel no reason to impose them on fellow members with lengthy "look at me" threads. But that doesn't make me feel unwelcome here.
Similarly, I can read and enjoy Greasy Kulture and Dice magazines without DEMANDING that they feature my bikes.
Everyone is still welcome here, put your egos aside and learn a little.

kayjohn 07-30-2008 12:37 AM

Re: The Jockey Journal: Direction & Changes

WOW!! I finally made it to the end.
Now I 'm not a builder ( I'm a preserver ) I can build and fab. but enjoy the challenge taking a bike of historic value and restoring it back to it's original glory.Mainly Denvers Choppers.I have posted most of my contributions on the Denvers thread that Tony Bones started talking about a Jap bike. I enjoy looking around the J.J. on other topics and have posted their when I felt I had positive input. I like all bikes and what they are used for. racing,cruizin,etc.
Reading this entire thread I tend to agree with the majority. Change can be good or bad. If bad change it again simple as that. I'm a real junior nubee member and guest hear and can understand and respect Ryan's rules. After all as many have said this is his sand box.
I appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge of Denver and thank everyone else who I have learned from.

Ryan 07-30-2008 12:44 AM

Re: The Jockey Journal: Direction & Changes

Alright... back to the topic at hand.

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