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Fetch 05-19-2020 07:57 PM

unequal exhaust pressure

Got a question about an 80" shovelhead exhaust pressure at the end of the pipe. The front cylinder seems to have slightly more 20-30% more pressure at idle then the rear cylinder. (Not an actual measurement, just a hand behind the pipe.)

I've got:

120psi both cylinders cold
Andrews J cam
Solid Lifters
Paughco 735D exhaust
Plugs look equal and toasty brown

The push rods are adjusted so that I can turn them with dry fingers. During the set up , I had to adjust them several times since I'd get a tap once the engine warmed up ( usually exhaust side) . Got that sorted, except for the uneven exhaust pressure. Any help?

joe49 05-19-2020 08:58 PM

Re: unequal exhaust pressure

To be expected with the rear having more bends, aka more restriction. Does it matter, not really for a street cruiser.

Fetch 05-20-2020 08:32 AM

Re: unequal exhaust pressure


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