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Bike stuff in Stuff
How it holds on to the mirror.
Left side of it.
My mirror clamp. I love this mirror clamp and wish I knew where it came from. Found it in my Dads garage and gave him $5 for it.
This is the bike as it was, before I brought it from SC to Upstate NY 2 months ago.
Cheap left turn signal button. I am going to replace them with heavy duty ones later on.
My baby.
Left Side of the bike. Still difficult to see the switches and buttons.
Further back look at the bars. You cant see the switches and the buttons are minimalistic.
Highbeam switch on the left and Horn button on the right. I have changed this about three times. Probably will change it again before I am satisfied...
Start/Stop switch and Ignition Switch. I was unsure how much juice runs through them, so I kept the original ones for now. I dont want to burn...
Right turn signal button.
Left turn signal button
Left and Right turn signal buttons on either side of the dash.
No electronics on the bars. Now I just need to find hand controls I like.

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