The Passion Of Burt Munro

Let me introduce you to Ron Kellogg. For those that don’t know, he’s the owner and proprietor of one of the largest and best vintage automotive photography collections on the planet. If you can think of it, he probably has a picture of it from 1947… or ’48… or ’49… It really is incredible. To top it off, he lived a lot of this stuff we love as well.

In any case, he recently brought me a story about Burt Munro that was accompanied with a great collection of photographs. I couldn’t resist posting it all here.

Enjoy the words and ultra-rare images of Ron Kellogg:

I’ve been a car guy my whole life. Even so, my friends and I have all had a few bikes. The freedom is amazing and I can understand the fixation. Burt Munro of Invercargill, New Zealand was a motorcycle guy and he took to owning a 1920 Indian beyond anything any of us could ever imagine.

Burt had limited funds and an old Indian Scout that needed everything. As such, Burt had to teach himself the basics and complications of design, engineering, and fabrication. He did so out of passion. The movie, The World’s Fastest Indian, captured a lot of this.

The film was special – it showed a man that loved racing and women. But how about some shots from 1962 and 1963 of the real thing? Taken by the great Jack Brady! Enjoy the shots… They are special.

Regards to all,

Ron Kellogg


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