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Let’s see if we can get this homepage crankin’ again, eh?

We’ve had a long hiatus since this page has been welcoming or relevant, but some changes have come down the pipe. Our new mission is to highlight some of the very best the Jockey Journal calls home, and maybe a few interesting things from other places. If you’ve got suggestions, message the moderators. Today, we’re showcasing a pretty special Jockey Journalist and his project.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, one of your fellow members, Christian Newman, has been working his fingers to the bone trying to get his bike some primo real estate this summer at the Oak Canyon Ranch. He’s planning on putting his bike into the Born Free show by simple dint of perseverance: Christian has a willingness to make items most would never dream of attempting to fabricate. It appears he’s planning on acting on every one of those nutty ideas that come occasionally to those of us who build bikes. The only difference is Christian seems to have ’em a lot more often, and he outworks everyone else by acting on what seems like all of them.

His bike is motivated by a ’40 Knuckle, and his frame is handbuilt. ” I have designed, fabricated, and assembled every piece of the frame and fork with the exception of the tires, chainring, brake rotor, a few miscellaneous parts and some of the hardware,” he says. That doesn’t sound too weird just yet — but we ain’t done telling you about it.

The frame is mirror-polished 316 stainless steel which also carries the oil. To keep things slender, he’s running the sprocket and brake disc outboard of the frame. And the front end? It’s a girder. That he built. From scratch.

That tasty number up above is a little example of the sort of mechanical creativity kicking around this guy’s grey matter. Christian designed a new kicker and clutch release arm for the 4-speed backing up the Knuck, and then executed it (beautifully) in metal. He’s been displaying this level of ingenuity throughout the course of his project.

Newman is building a killer bike, and making the Jockey Journal an interesting place to visit, largely because of his build thread located here. Christian has invested not just time and effort and money in his project, but he’s also taken time to better the Jockey Journal. He’s written nice, clear descriptions of what he is doing, and his photos are pretty damn excellent.

Fortunately, you can return the favor! Do him a solid and go help him become the People’s Champ. Take some time out of your day and go do one or all of the following:

•On the Show Class Instagram page, simply comment with the word “vote”
•Pull a lever over at Lowbrow Customs, one of the site sponsors
•Head to the Show Class poll and show your fellow Jockey Journalist some support

Go get ’em, Newman. We’re rooting for you!

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1950 T-Bird–The Time Capsule Diaries #2


At the risk of sounding like I’m blowing my own horn, I am gonna do a blog on my own bike. What can I say, I like my bike and I am really happy to have FINALLY gotten it back together. You would think that a guy who owns a motorcycle shop would always have a bitchin’ bike to ride around on. Tell you the truth though, I am like the plumber with leaky pipes – I never have a bike to ride. By the time I sell off a bike I was gonna keep and ride, I just don’t get time to work on “my bike” and keep everyone else’s bike running… That in mind, my bikes never get done.

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Tim Conder

“Crazy, but true…”

Those are the words Conder started and ended our interview with. You see, Tim Conder is the epitome of a renaissance man. He’s a fine artist, a painter, a fabricator, a mechanic, a writer… But most of all, he is a thinker. A very BIG thinker.

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A good follow up to my last post… Check out the details on Cha-Chi’s latest build. Some cool shit going on here for sure.

Check it out.

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Maiden Voyage

Aphelion has been giving us progress updates on this bike for some time now. I’ve really dug the posts for a couple of reasons… One, he’s new to the bike scene and learning lessons that we can all take a thing or two from. Secondly, I just like the bike… Simple and sublte sans any attempt to be something it is not.

Check it out.

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