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Jay Everyday
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Default 68 Triumph neck steering assembly & parts help

So im going over all the parts that were on my franken-trump when i bought it, making a list and slightly mocking up as i go. today i was looking at all the components to the neck assembly, and am a little confused. Im trying to put it together, and follow the manual and all bits of info i can find on the JJ/Net but its not making too much cense. I know this is basic stuff, but thats why i have this bike and am doing it all myself, to learn more.

Its a 68 frame and triple. 40 (20top, 20 bottom) 1/4" bearings.

so what im asking is have i got everything there? and a little help on the order of this going together.

I was putting the 20 bearings in the bottom of the neck (with grease) then putting the steam up into it but the balls would not allow for the bearing run attached at the bottom on the steam to slot into place. the run seemed bigger, and diddnt fit between the balls? so it diddnt "Lock-up".

IM presuming the cone and cap are for the top, but the cone sits into the bottom of the neck nicely with the baring, unlike the attached one at the steam base.

I know i should just get the bearing upgrade from Lowbrow, and i probably will, but as this is the stock stuff id still like to know it.

thanks, J

Jay Everyday
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