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Default Installing oil filter..

I more or less past the idea of thinking about incorporating an oil filter system into my Pan, I am going to do it. I really dont see there being a whole lot of trouble installing, etc. There is only so much to the system.

Has anyone done this with any older bikes? Did you have any issues with anything during or after installation? Im going with the Indian Larry idea and putting an oil filter off the rear of the frame.

The bikes got a lot of things Id like to do to it, but it takes time. Want/need to take care of the more important things first.
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Default Re: Installing oil filter..

There are as many ways to do it, as there are members on here. I always try to put them in front of the bike, to take advantage of the fresh cooler air, for additional oil cooling, but the location is your decision. Older bikes accept external oil fliter setups with ease. Return line to the filter, then to the tank. The only change to the bike, will be a little more oil, every oil change. Just make sure you get a filter that is compatible with the engine oil you are using. Pans, normally ran a single viscosity oil, and from 50 to 70 wt, and it don't pass through a filter, made for 15-40 oil. The oil will deadhead at the filter and blow a oil line, or the filter gasket.
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Default Re: Installing oil filter..

I actually have had great luck with the Vtwin one that mounts under the the front motor mount. Uses a smaller spin on filter. I have always run a small round tool bag there and i even forgot the filter was there!
The onbly thing to look out for is that some filters are taller around where it threads into the filter mount and i had some brands that looked seated but bottomed on the threaded nipple before they sealed.
I have run this on my rigid shovel since i had the motor done. I am building a '37 UL and am considering using this same one on it. I might strip the chrome and soften the edges and blast it or have it parkerized, but clean oil and fresh motors are good...
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Default Re: Installing oil filter..

Originally Posted by shovithead View Post
Return line to the filter, then to the tank.
Ok - Doing a little research and I dredged this thread up...

I've always heard the pressure from the pump drawing oil into the tank was the reason for running the filter off the return line. Is this true? Is it calamitous to run the filter before the pump?

If pressure is too high, aren't the current oil filters built with a bypass, in the event that the filter clogs and it still needs to pass oil? If so, would the bypass kick in and pass the oil?

The reason I ask is because I have an old (potentially dirty) little tank I and I'm wondering if I can run the filter in front of the motor for an oil change or two to make sure it's clean.

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