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Default Supercycle show Feb 2&3

I recieved a flyer from Paragon promotion's a few months ago about the swapmeet,the dates were Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd with a setup day on Thursday the 1st.
I usually do the Supercycle show every year,but not this year,who is going to go to a swapmeet after work on a Friday night fight rush hour traffic and have to be out of the building by 7:00 pm,I don't think its going to be anygood.
So today when I got home Gil from Paragon Promotions,he asked why I'm not getting a booth there this year(he's from Pakastan),I told him the reason's, he said I'll give your booths for $75.00 each normaly $100.00( I usually get 3 booths )I told him No,then he said I'll give you all 3 for $200.00 his accent had me laughing,I still said no,then he told me Opie from sons of anarchy is going to be there"I laughed my ass off.
I talked to some of the other guy's that usually do the swapmeet's he did the samething to them when they didn't call for spots.
One time they did the supercycle show out in rosemont I think it was it was Saturday and Sunday on Sunday the show ended at 4:00 pm they collected money untill 3:30 pm people were pissed!
then they wanted you to carry your parts out to your truck and not pull inside because they had another show to set up ...
ever since paragon promotions started doing the swapmeets they have been getting worse and worse Oh yeah I almost for got last year Billy the exterminator was to be there but he didn't show up.......later all
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Default Re: Supercycle show Feb 2&3

When Billy the exterminator forgets to show up, you know its bad!

That shows been in a nose dive for the last few years, the last 2 years really sucked. I was on the fence as to go set up a booth or just bring a couple bikes for the show but to tell you the truth I'm not sure. It was always cool to at least go see some old friends but I hear some people that I know arent even going this year becouse it's been so lame.

So who's going? anyone not planning on going? I don't know what to do right now, I'm lost in indecison!!

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Default Re: Supercycle show Feb 2&3

i try and go early to grab some parts! but it has sucked more and more every year! i grab what i can then end up getting drunk the rest of the day! Ill probably go still
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Default Re: Supercycle show Feb 2&3

I've never set up down there-I'm happy with little ol' Woodstock, it's sometimes a good time to score some bits. Like Nick said above, it's been getting worse-as Rosemont was a fricken joke, but the cops did a good job of 'tough facing' everyone down there. Then again, it's winter, maybe I'll go anyway-it's aways off still.
Here for the same reason as you-but not the same as some others.....

Justen @ Nipple Twisters Wheelcraft
Genoa City, WI
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Default Re: Supercycle show Feb 2&3

It sucks worse and worse every year. I usually do the early bird pass and get in and get out. Sometimes theres some good shit to find, but its mostly new leather and do-rags. I think this may be the first winter in 6 years that I may not go, depends on how much cabin fever I have by then
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