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Default Spark plug problem


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Unkl Ian
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Default Re: Spark plug problem

The problem is oil is getting in the cylinder.

Either past the rings, or valve guides.
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Default Re: Spark plug problem

how is that fixed?
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Default Re: Spark plug problem

Originally Posted by chopperTony View Post
Is there a quick fix so it can run during the summer?


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Default Re: Spark plug problem


If you set the plug out in the warm sunlight for a while,
you can tell if it is really oil that stays greasy, or gas-fouled if it dries to soot.

Oil would mean a hardware problem, like a breached headgasket, worn rings, or damage around an intake valve guide, etc., as Unkl Ian mentioned.

But the far more common cause of fouling is fuel when there is a vacuum leak: The carb must be over-enrichened to make the lean cylinder run.

Please bubble-test your manifold assembly as discussed at
(A #9 rubber stopper works as well as a testplate, but takes three hands.)

I would wager that you have a leak to your rear cylinder.

PS: With a Pan, it is also adviseable to bubble-test the pan cover screw over each intake port, as occasionally they have breached from too long of screws in the past.
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