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tim dunleavy
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Default shovelhead electrical problems

Im gonna type this just as it happened, so it might be a bit long. 72 fx stock. i started it and rode it with no problems. shutt it off for about an hour. started it again. on the 15 mile ride home i noticed the neutral light getting dimmer at stops. as i got closer to home it was coughing(i think it was trying to shutt off)(electrical not fuel) the last mile or so i didnt think i would make it but fortunately it was mostly down hill. as i pulled in the driveway i coasted to it shutting off. the neutral light was barely visible. i checked the battery voltage. it was about 7 volts. i turned the power switch on(didnt start it, kick only bike) the voltage just kept dropping and barely able to see the headlight element glowing orange. went in the house and went back out and checked the battery voltage after about an hour. 11.7 volts with switch off 7 and dropping with switch on. the neutral light was bright when i turned the switch on but it did fade somewhat after a cuople times.......any body run across a similar problem.......ever....any suggestions?????
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Default Re: shovelhead electrical problems

Try charging your battery. I know it seems obvious, but that's a good place to start.

If it takes a charge, and doesn't do that again, you're good!
If it takes a charge, but does that again, you may have a charging system issue.
If won't take a charge, it sounds like it's your battery.
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Stinky Pete
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Default Re: shovelhead electrical problems

You can also check the volts coming back from the alternator.
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Default Re: shovelhead electrical problems

sounds like dirty terminals or a direct short,clean every terminal you can and visually check for any bare wires touching frame
looking for a good re-tox facility
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