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Default Is there a special place to post my build

Is anyone really interested? I know I enjoy seeing them but when I search "my build" nothing really comes up. Do I just post it in the forum?
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Default Re: Is there a special place to post my build

Yes, make your own thread on the main board.

And some search tips....I hear so many complain about the search "doesnt work" or they "cant find"....I have to wonder how many have not tried the "Advanced Search".
That's a link at the bottom when you click Search in the header.

From there you can search words in just thread-titles, to catch membernames in posts or that they started, and searxh individual boards. Great for common topics.

Just try "Build" in thread-titles, it will return a huge set (almost 500) of builder-threads.

Also, search requires at least a 3-letter word, so for two use the "wildcard" symbol * .
As in my*, or for the old 45 (WL) engine, 45* or WL* .

Good luck !

Three Percent
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