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Default thought I already did an intro post...

guess not.

I've been over at the HAMB since '99 or 2000, through all the versions of it since that time, so Ryan will know who I am, met him and his lady @ hangin dice FT Smith '99, they were great folks then as they are now...there's a couple photos of my cars that I think he still has up on the photos section from that show...

I like my bikes the way I like my cars, individual creations...made for me BY me, to my tastes and if others don't like 'em then so what...they can pay me to build one the way they want or shut the hell up. I can/will keep my non-JJ friendly stuff in it's own place, unless there's a thread discussing related things that isn't shut down by the moderators.

I appreciate the hard work, bloody knuckles and long hours people put into their bike/car to make it their own, american, jap, indian, brit, or whatever. Present bikes include KZs and CBs because they're cheap enough for this non-traditional college student to afford. I'm looking at the possibility of purchasing one of the new Enfields, depending on how reliable they are.

Photos to come as I get things done.
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Default Re: thought I already did an intro post...

Well you did one now...welcome to the group
Society cares for the individual only so far as he is profitable.
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