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I'm familiar with the Triumph T120 unit construction; Now I just got hold of 1961 6T case. I already know I can upgrade the top end of my case with the 9 bolt cylinder barrel of the T120 (with 9 bolt head...). Here's my questions, can I do the same with the cams and crankshaft by using those of the T120 unit? Thank you for your help and any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Default Re: 1961 Triumph 6t pre-unit upgrade!?

Yes, they are interchangeable. I was just pickin FOURACESWES' brains about the cranks today cause my searches came up dry. I'm lookin at puttin unit guts into mine. some people favor the 66-68 cranks, as they are about 2.5 Lbs. lighter. as far as cams go, damn near anything goes, just depends on your riding style. just start searching. there's a wealth of info on cams on this site alone. Stan Shenton and Dwain Taylor. google 'em.
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