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Default Re: ---> My -79 Shovelhead project <---

my first ride is over... 2000 km (1240 miles)

and i LOVE my new bike!

# after 100 km my front fork stoped working so i rode a reverse "hardtail" for the rest of the trip!!

# 500 km later mi right tank started leaking fuel on my front exhaust! on a ferry!!

# up on Jotunheimen (Norways highest mountain) the bike died!

# spark plugs were all black with a LOT of oil on them!

# 3 Litre of oil was cunsume bike this bike (not leaking)

but still I love it!!

have some Q for you guys....

does the -79 have valve seals??? (or is it later ca -81)

because i dont think its the piston rings ( it holds my 85 kg when standing on the kick)

valve guides/seals or piston/rings?

can it be the breather that is of by a bit?

well it needs some work this winter thats for sure!

Cheers Kenneth

ohh.. should i se a puff of "smoke" at every stroke when i look into the oil tank at idle?

doubble cheers!
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My build thread... Shovelhead -79

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