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Photos of me and my scoots
My better half, making my shovel look even better.  Note the pink boots.
60 XLCH, almost finished with this one.  Finally started it the last day of July, and it runs so smooth, I can hardly believe it is a stroked bike.
1968 XLCH , this will be a daily driver, as soon as I find time to fix a few things, like everything.
1966 Roller.  Been locating parts to build this scoot.  Using a S and S Pan motor I have built on the stand.  Probably start this one after the first...
1968 XLCH Sportster.  Project bike, that I will post as a build thread later.
Another true statement.
True statement.
Me and my better half.
Me and my maker.
05 Ultra Classic, my only ever new Harley.  Last one too. lol
73 Shovelhead, ex police bike, owned over 30 years.
70 XLH, 900.
60 XLCH (ex Doc Dytch motor)  When I got this one, it had doc dytch cylinders and 12 to 1 pistons, with 54 K model flywheels.  It is now over 74...
69 XLH, the old ladies scoot.
51 Panhead.  Looking for pan "heads".  Still building motor.  Future project.

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