In Honor Of Speed Week

Rad, right? That’s Jim Hunter in 1956. He was the third fastest bike on the salt that year… He turned just under 163mph.

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The Passion Of Burt Munro

Let me introduce you to Ron Kellogg. For those that don’t know, he’s the owner and proprietor of one of the largest and best vintage automotive photography collections on the planet. If you can think of it, he probably has a picture of it from 1947… or ’48… or ’49… It really is incredible. To top it off, he lived a lot of this stuff we love as well.

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Isle Of Man: 1969

One of our members sent over this video last week and felt compelled to post it. There is just something about silent video capturing such a loud exercise that makes everything seem so graceful. I mean, I would love to hear the tune of those motors… But, in a way it’s awful fitting to watch such a wonderful race without distraction.

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Two Kids On The Salt

One of our members on the H.A.M.B. recently spouted off about his experiences on the salt. After reading it, I figured you guys would love it as much as I did. It’s a Honda… But hey, its my site and my rules and I get to take some liberties every now and then.

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Two Wheel Dragster

The August, 1961 issue of Hot Rod Magazine featured a small spread on Boots Beechler’s Triumph. Out of the “small but enthusiastic” group of fellas that were taking motorcycles to the drag strip, HRM considered Boot’s ride one of the cleanest and best performing. The chrome framed Brit ran as fast as 126.37 mph in the quarter with e.t.’s in the low 10’s… Not shabby and these pictures prove just how gorgeous it was. Check it out…

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